Dynastycrook Kavita Krishnan spouts anti-Hindu hate, attacks Rakshabandhan

We are all familiar with the screeching hag called Kavita Krishnan who hangs out in Lutyens studios praising the “direct action” by Maoist terrorists across the country. Technically, she belongs to the All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA) which is a front organization for the CPI(ML). For those who don’t know, CPI(ML) was formed by Kanu Sanyal, one of the most dreaded Naxal terrorists of Bengal.

But of course, Kavita Krishnan does no actual dangerous work. Her job is to hang out in air conditioned TV studios and make outrageous comments so that capitalist TV channels can raise their TRPs. And the St. Stephens types lap it all up. Of course, this Mameluk’s real job is to provide intellectual covering fire to the Dynasty, so all it really boils down to is abusing Modi, Hindus and India as much as possible.

So, there was little surprise when this Mameluk decided to launch an attack on the Hindu festival of Rakshabandhan, based on an honor killing in UP’s Shahjahanpur.

Of course a spokesperson for  Communie mass murderers will hate on a festival like Rakshabandhan. They are angry because the festival apparently tells sisters to be dependent on brothers for “Raksha”. Clearly it would be better for those sisters to go to the mass murdering Communist “Bhakshaks”, no? Here is something Kavita Krishnan should read:

“As a recruit, I protested against the habits of some leaders in the presence of Kishanji. Nobody liked it. The leaders instructed the squad members not to speak to me. I was isolated and warned of dire consequences if I protested,” she said. What didn’t she like about the leaders? “They rape,” she shot back, eyes flashing with rage. “After about a year of joining Naxals, I was put on night-long sentry duty at a forest camp in Jharkhand. Suddenly, out of the dark, Bikash (now, head of the state military commission) came up and asked me for water. As I turned to fetch it, he grabbed me and tried to do ‘kharap kaaj’ (indecent acts).” When she objected, Bikash threatened to strangle her. After forcing her into submission, Bikash raped her, she said. She was 17 then.
“He warned me against telling anyone about this. But, I told Akash (Kishanji’s confidant and a state committee member). He said he would look into it but did nothing. In fact, Akash’s wife, Anu, lives with Kishanji,” Uma said.


Maybe we should have a special festival where the daughters of India go to the mass murdering Commies and offer to get raped? Why not call the festival Rakshasbandhan?

Oh…and one more thing. Remember the case from Shahjahanpur that Dynastycrook Kavita Krishnan chose in her tweet? Here is what happened in that honor killing case from Shahjahanpur:

Two siblings in village Bahmani under Paraura police station in Shahjahanpur district on Monday evening beheaded their 17-year-old sister Phool Jehan in the street in presence of dozens of people and took away her head, leaving her body on the spot. They were angry with her because she had an affair with Mohammad Achchan, who was her cousin. Shockingly, although the police have failed to nab Gul Hassan and Nanhe Mian, the two brothers, they have arrested Achchan without any legal reason.


Ha ha! Here we see an example of massive communication failure between the Maoists and the Ummah. Two peace loving brothers  in Uttar Pradesh decided to do an honor killing of their peaceful sister and Kavitha Krishnan used it to attack a communal festival! That was silly of you Kavita. Do your research better next time. Now the secular Maoists will have to go back and explain why the beheading of this innocent woman was actually quite peaceful. Pity …


8 thoughts on “Dynastycrook Kavita Krishnan spouts anti-Hindu hate, attacks Rakshabandhan

  1. dude I think Rakshabandhan is not brothers protecting sisters but sisters praying for brother’s protection and then tying rakhi, which is their love and prayers, on their brother’s hand.

    I think it got muddied with some princess sending rakhi to humayun asking for protection.

    I am not sure though, but if the festival originated in ancient times than the above could be true but if the festival originated in medieval times then it could be false too.

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  2. This Naxalite Presstitute believes in’ RAKSHASA’ BANDHAN and not the ancient Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan or Raki Purnima. This Sister-Brotherly bondage was celebrated from ages BC( Krisna/Draupadi, Lashmi/ Maha bali etc) Sisterly ,brotherly relation can between any two of different religion also BUT this is a total HINDU FESTIVAL. But to criticize one good relegious practice of one religious community and to balance out the EVIL of another is simply smacks devilish mentality . Tomorrow this very Naxal presstitude may Question the Hindu Women ceremony of “karva Chaut” to express her displeasure for the three times oral utterence of ‘Talaq’

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  3. Well written!!, this female is so stupid……the names of the involved itself suggests who they are!!

    This female has been called all sorts of names which she rightly deserves…because of her hate towards Hindus,BJP,Modi and her anti national activites and also because she is a Desh drohi!!….the best is’ third grade, two bit, muttonhead activist’.

    Draupadi has put a tourniquet on Lord Krishna’s bleeding wrist by tearing off a piece of her saree– and in return Krishna had saved her from Dushasana who tried to strip her naked in public in 4000 BC — starting a religious festival in India called ‘Raksha Bandhan’.

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  4. //Now the secular Maoists will have to go back and explain why the beheading of this innocent woman was actually quite peaceful. Pity …//

    This line is superb. Anyway there is a historical cooperation between the Ummah and Maoists all over the world. Check this links below when you are free.


    One of the most important things we forget about Iranian revolution is the alleged cooperation between the Left and Islamist which is seldom discussed in India.

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    1. Basically, after the fall of the Soviets, the frustrated left has decided to cooperate with any anti-civilization force out there. From ISIS to Al Qaeda, the Left is eager to ally with all of them.


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