Dynastycrook Malini Parthasarathy is angry at Pakistani Hindus

Malini Parthasarathy is an Editor at The Hindu. Honestly, this is enough for her to be renamed as Mameluk Parthasarathy. Currently this Dynastycrook has discovered a new cause, complaining about the handful of Pakistani and Bangladeshi Hindus who have somehow escaped to India. In India, beheading of Hindus simply for being Hindus is not legal (yet), which gives these poor people some hope of surviving intact with the religion that their ancestors have held for thousands of years, the religion that defines their identity and ties them to this land.

Any time a Hindu gets something, anything…even just a promise that the government might save him/her from certain death in Pakistan, Dynastycrooks get angry. Every time a convicted terrorist is about to be hanged, these Dynastycrooks bleed with the milk of human kindness

Toh, Malini aunty ko gussa kyun aata hai? Here is what she is pissed off about:

In a move that will have far-reaching implications in Assam and some parts of north-west India, the Union Home Ministry will amend the Citizenship Act, 1955, to grant citizenship to undocumented migrants who fled religious persecution in Pakistan and Bangladesh.


What? Some Hindus managed to escape the secular massacres in Pakistan and Bangladesh? How dare they?

Hindu Population in West Pakistan in 1947: 15%

Hindu Population of Pakistan Today: 1%

What is more, in Malini aunty’s secular Pakistan, peacefuls have created a blasphemy law that carries a death penalty.

Blasphemy laws carry a death sentence and have been used to target non Muslims. Family laws for non-Muslims do not exist. Thus, marriages can not be legally established for purpose of travel, and divorce and property right disputes can not be resolved.


The Dynasty and its crooks are remarkable in their ruthlessness. They might have secured 99% of Pakistan, but they are not happy, they want the 1% of Pakistan that is Hindu to perish as well. And if any poor sap manages to somehow cross the border into India where Hinduism is not banned officially (yet), Mameluk Parthasarathy wants these people to be denied all help because….guess what? It might damage relations with Pakistan….ha! So, either way, Hindus must die. The only person who deserves our hospitality is Yakub Memon, no?

Here is another example of Mameluk Parthsarathy barking against Hindus:

Taking a cue from a pending case in the Supreme Court the BJP government is all set to formalise a policy for granting citizenship to Hindu immigrants from Bangladesh while it will continue its battle to rid India of ‘infiltrators’ from that country. This reduction of a complex history of migration across India’s eastern border into this loaded formulation was articulated repeatedly by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha election.”


Standard trick for Dynastycrooks. When something is indefensible, just claim that it’s “complex”. Like the case of Yakub Memon or the Bangladeshi illegals who have jumped the border. Then, it’s “complex”.

These statements are underscored by a broader ideological position, as mentioned in the BJP election manifesto, that India should be the natural home for persecuted Hindus who could seek refuge here. This has overtones of exclusionary doctrines like the Law of Return in Israel that gives Jews the right to live and seek citizenship there.

And your “broader ideological position” is what, Mameluk Parthasarathy? To throw these persecuted Hindus into the sea? Or handcuff them and send them to Pakistan to be stoned to death? Or handing them over to ISIS so that they can be publicly beheaded?

As for the Bangladeshi illegal immigrant problem, what is so “complex”? THEY decided that they could not live with dirty kafirs and demanded a separate Pakistan, a land of the pure. They got it because the founder of your beloved Dynasty was desperate to strike a deal with the British and become India’s PM at the cost of giving up a third of our country and letting 3 million people (at least) die in riots. And now these peaceful people are refusing to honor that bargain and they want more land: they want West Bengal and Assam….for now. And you are happy to give them that to appease them. Once they have taken West Bengal and Assam and formed Pakistan-2, you will say that there is nothing to worry because the remaining part of India is still Hindu majority and those who survive should form a pseudo secular nation like our current one. Then, they’ll take Bihar and UP and form Pakistan-3. You will say…still nothing to worry…Hindus are still majority in the rest of the country… so on and so forth until the last few Hindus are sitting on top of Mount Sinjar like the Yazidis:

Another man was saying the children were so thirsty, their parents started cutting their own hands and giving them blood to drink.”


12 thoughts on “Dynastycrook Malini Parthasarathy is angry at Pakistani Hindus

  1. The concern may be legitimate. What’s guarantee that they are not Pakistani already converted moles? Look at Bollywood, movies like woh saat din. After media crooks and dynasty crooks or rather parallel to these crooks bollycrooks are greatest dangers. See how now all of a sudden Kapoors including that fat ugly rishi is promoted?

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  2. Very well analysed !!

    Unable to understand what is the problem for this female.

    Even thousands of years ago hindus of bharat mata have always given refuge to people who were prosecuted in their country. Jews,parsis and in the recent times tibetans.

    When Hindus of this subcontinent who were prosecuted in the neighbouring country ,if granted citizenship why is female making unwanted noises??

    Wish GOI had done the same for Yazidis,so many lives could have been saved.

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    1. That is actually an excellent point. India should have come forward and offered to give citizenship to the Yazidis. The world simply watched as a peaceful tribe was massacred in broad daylight.


  3. It won’t take much money to buy off Hindu. I can arrange that. Let me know whenever you firm up plans of a larger way of reaching audience.


  4. It is not enough that this infestation is brought to light. Changes are needed.

    How do we get these national papers and tv channels back on track. To report and not to judge; to be reasonably neutral; to not be anti-national (you many not like what India does, but please don’t sell the country).

    I think under the guise of freedom of press, many of them are indulging in crime and sedition. When IJ questions the Supreme Court, can’t she be booked under contempt of court? There has to be action on concrete ground, so there’s no escape for these criminals.

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    1. Thanks. Probably will do a post on this too. Today I did a post on HT’s hitjob on Rajasthan govt, claiming that they made NCERT put Asaram in textbooks as a “great saint”.


      1. Wow! Thanks…this is DEFINITELY the topic for tomorrow’s post 🙂 This name Neeta Kolhatkar…I think I have heard this name before somewhere. Will have to check that though…


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