Dynastycrook Robber Sardesai continues to play victim

First, some good news. Dynastycrook Robber Sardesai may be planning to leave Twitter:

Nah. He’s just bluffing. Feigning victimhood. Or maybe he is feeling jealous of his friend Yakub Memon who is now enjoying with 72 virgins….no wonder Rajdeep is looking for a “nicer place”.

There is no doubt that the internet has not been kind to Robber Sardesai and his wife: this husband-wife duo of Mameluks has been at the receiving end of the anger of Internet Hindus for a long time. And after Modi’s victory, Rajdeep and Sagarika were both kicked out of their jobs. For a while, Robber Sardesai was even sitting beside Punya Prasun Bajpai, doing Hindi news shows for AajTak. For Robber Sardesai, that must have been like eating mud. An English Mameluk made to sit among the Hindiwallah Mameluks? Sagarika was even more butthurt:

Uffff! The rigid caste system among Dynastycrooks can cause such tremendous heartburn. Robber Sardesai and his wife are burning up because CNN-IBN was handed over to Bhupendra Chowbey, who they saw as more of a “Hindi medium type”. Despite all the bakwas about equality, the liberal classes among the Mameluks of Lutyens have a very rigid caste like structure.

This is the same thing Robber Sardesai was complaining about when he faced the wrath of NRIs in New York:

Rajdeep is angry at them: “You have money, but you don’t have class. Class is very difficult to get, be it
America or India“.

Yes, I know. You don’t have “class”, until you are knighted by Queen Sonia and you kneel down to kiss her shoes. Henceforth, I shall call you Robber Knight Sardesai, ok? And then, of course the famous moment happened, when Robber Knight called someone an asshole:

To the Knight’s great surprise, the man dared to speak up and call him an asshole right back!!! Can the knighted slave of Queen Sonia tolerate such an insult? So he decided to assault the guy, as you can clearly see in this video. Back home, Rajdeep was counting on his crook buddies in the media to turn the story around and say that Modi fans had attacked him instead. And that’s what they tried shamelessly. Every Congi, every AAPtard and every Mameluk joined in to spread lies about Rajdeep being attacked. Clearly, Robber Sardesai and his fellow crooks had not realized the power of the internet.

And recently, another video went viral of Robber Sardesai having an off record conversation with Kejriwal about Delhi Lt. Gov Najeeb Jung “switiching sides” despite being appointed by Queen Sonia:

Several previous copies of this video were taken down by youtube due to copyright claims by AajTak, so I don’t know how long this link above will last. What was Aaj Tak trying to hide so desperately?

And finally, in one of his worst hatchet jobs ever, Robber Sardesai tried his best to get Salman’s dad Salim Khan to say something against Modi and about communalism, blah blah blah.The smoking gun here is how India Today had to change the headline of the story:

First it was this:


which was then quietly changed to this:

Rajdeep, you can go to a “nice place” if you want. But your past sins are all over the internet. They’ll keep chasing you.


4 thoughts on “Dynastycrook Robber Sardesai continues to play victim

  1. Long ago when I saw ‘Robber Sardesai NY video’,I was hoping that somebody in the crowd would give a resounding kick in his ass, for inticing people who had gathered.

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