Dynastycrook N Jayaram goes full retard, speaks ill of Dr. Kalam

One of my favorite movie lines is “NEVER GO FULL RETARD”

Once in a while, a Dynastycrook goes so far out of line that he ends up spilling the beans about what Khangressism really looks like. It is a well known fact that the human rights rats are proxies for the Dynasty. These pests were nicely cultivated by the Queen during the UPA years and these scum even had pride of place in the Royal Privy Council, otherwise called the “National Advisory Council”.

Today’s post is about one such Dynastycrook called N Jayaram.


I have been meaning to write about this Mameluk for a whole week since he produced this shit, but I have been preoccupied with the Dynastycrooks lining up to sing praises of Yakub Memon. Don’t worry Mr. Jayaram. As with the Yakub Memon case, justice is delayed, but not denied. Your day has arrived.

So let’s start with what Jayaram has to say: He makes a very promising start:

That a Muslim aerospace scientist fuelled the Hindu majoritarian state’s quest for missiles and nuclear weapons obviously went down well with the nationalist crowd.”

This is the kind of narrow minded shit that has become routine in liberal circles. Ironically, modern Indian liberals are obsessed with dividing society and sticking religious and caste labels on people. Just read any one of Bekar Patel’s articles and you will find out how obsessed he is with caste. And now Bekar Patel is heading Amnesty (or Pigsty) International.

Most accounts gloss over the fact that he got elected as president in July 2002 with the full backing of not only the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government but the Sangh Parivar as a whole plus the opposition Congress following his near complete silence over the anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat earlier that year.

What a disgrace this man is! Can a libtard write 5 lines without mentioning 2002 riots? The clear insinuation being made is that he was chosen as President because he chose to be silent about Gujarat riots. These crooks feel that just because they have sold out their conscience to the Italian Queen to further their career, everyone has achieved success that way. This is what happens when Dynastycrooks perform sijdah in the Shehzada’s durbar everyday.

Last year Kalam visited the Nagpur headquarters of the RSS and paid tributes to its founder KB Hedgewar.”

Ha ha….that must have hurt 🙂

Earlier, he rose through the ranks of the Indian scientific establishment with his firm backing for hawkish causes such as nuclear weaponization and missile development. There was a time when India held the high moral ground as a leading non-aligned country calling for nuclear disarmament.”

Yes, instead of staying naked, I am glad we decided to put some clothes on. The high moral ground? I am tired of our country being crushed under others feet for 1000 years as we continue to hold the “moral high ground”.

Kalam gave a clean chit to the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant in Tamil Nadu despite a massive popular agitation against it and even after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. A number of scholars and activists including Achin Vanaik, SP Udayakumar, Arund**ti Roy, Kumar Sundaram and the recently deceased Praful Bidwai have been warning against the dangers stemming from nuclear plants,

ROFL! This is the only part of the article where I began to worry that it might actually be a parody. Here is a good rule of thumb for deciding which issues to support: if there is anything that is being opposed by Arund**ti Roy and Praful Bidwai, by all means you should support it.

If Kalam had any opinion on the hanging of the Kashmiri, Afzal Guru, he kept it to himself.

Ah! Afzal Guru is a “Kashmiri”. The liberal obsession with dividing people by labelling them continues!

The Supreme Court handed Guru – about whose unfair trial entire books have been written by the likes of Arund**ti Roy and philosophy professor Nirmalangshu Mukherji – the death sentence noting it was necessary to satisfy the “collective conscience” of the society.”

Another good thumb rule: if Arund**ti Roy and Nirmalangshu Mukherji are opposing something, please support it. This article is turning out to be a very educational one indeed 🙂

The crowning jewel of stupidity was left for the very end:

Kalam was equally silent on the moves to hang Yakub Memon.

In short, this article makes 3 points:

A)  Kalam was silent on : Gujarat riots, hanging of Afzal Guru, Yakub Memon, etc. etc.

B) Kalam supported : nuclear weapons, Indian missiles, Kudankulam project, Vedanta mining in Odisha

C)  Arund**ti Roy has blabbered on incessantly against all these things.

Thanks, N Jayaram, you have done us a great service, actually. Now we know *exactly* what to do with our lives. Do we want to be more like Dr. Kalam or more like Arund**ti Roy? I think I know 🙂

8 thoughts on “Dynastycrook N Jayaram goes full retard, speaks ill of Dr. Kalam

  1. Brillint dissection of the lousy narrow minded shit article!!

    very well concluded ! …..the whole article is about those three points.

    this guy is sick and a retard to have written such nonsense about Dr. Kalam.


  2. Chaiwallah, you write well . With spunk and sarcasm. Do continue with your good work. Laughed out loud reading this one and your yakub trilogy ( you exposed the hypocrisy of fake liberals brilliantly).

    Liked by 1 person

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