India’s Daughter Tuktuki Mondal : Will Dynastycrooks stand up for her?

We already know that Dynastycrooks would not even stand up for a journalist burned alive if it does not suit the preferred Dynastycrook narrative. Poor Jagendra Singh. Your only fault was that you were burned alive in secular Uttar Pradesh and did not name any BJP leader in your dying declaration.

We already know that if the mother of a journalist is first raped and then burned alive inside a secular police station, Dynastycrooks wont stand up

Notice the headline of the story in The Hindu is:

Woman “burnt alive” in police station, dies

Ah…there have to be quotations around “burnt alive”. God forbid (or more precisely, Dynasty forbid) that the secular police of a secular government become the victim of an unsubstantiated allegation!

How many Dynastycrooks rushed to investigate the incident? Robber Sardesai and Sreenivasan Jain managed to reach Montenegro to meet Lalit Modi but could not find their way to Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh! Are the roads in secular UP really that bad?

In this background, one can hardly expect Dynastycrooks to stand up for the “chota mota” incident of Tuktuki Mondal, the Class 10 girl from Hansuri in West Bengal who was abducted on May 5 from her home. The accused: Babuson Ghazi and his father Ramzan Ghazi. With such highly secular names involved, you can hardly expect justice in Jihadi Didi’s West Bengal. Here is the complete description of the horror from Tuktuki’s father Subhas Mondal:




So the poor girl was first abducted by seculars in March and kept forcibly for a month. Her father begged them to release the girl so she could take her Class 10 exams. They released her for a few days on the promise that he would not go to the police. But midway through her exams, seculars decided to go out and pick her up again on May 5. Such is the life of a Hindu in Jihadi Didi’s West Bengal.

Dear Mr. “Supercop” Julio Reberio, perhaps this will give you a better idea of what life is like on “a hit list” ? You lost all your sleep and the Dynastycrooks lost their collective shit over a stone thrown at some church. Ha! Hope you are sleeping well now. And Dynastycrook Sreenivasan Jain, this is another “chota mota incident”, no? Why not call your friends at the BBC to make another documentary?

But when a 72 year old nun was raped in West Bengal, all hell broke loose. Mumtaz Begum was so disturbed she had to get a clean chit from some Archbishop: read it here in The Dynasty Express:

Of course it eventually came to the forefront that a secular was behind the rape of the nun, at which point Dynastycrooks lost all interest in the story. The  media saved the situation by burying the story, but I am sure they learned their lesson: better communication is needed within the Dynastycrook Ummah. I am sure the crooks will now keep each other well informed of any upcoming rape plans.

It has been over 2 months now and poor Tuktuki Mondal has still not returned home. And the Dynasty media still wont speak up on this chota mota story. It’s not like a stone was thrown at a church…

Dear Dynastycrooks, just like the face of Jagendra Singh, I am sure this face will not haunt you either. You can sleep soundly through this:



8 thoughts on “India’s Daughter Tuktuki Mondal : Will Dynastycrooks stand up for her?

  1. “With such highly secular names involved, you can hardly expect justice in Jihadi Didi’s West Bengal” – Aptly said. I watched the Google Hangout session with Tuktuki’s father. I felt so sick inside. These leaders of the state just allow such things to happen for their political gain? Poor girl and her poor family. I hope she returns soon. But still what amazes me is that the Hindus in WB just do not learn! They keep electing this TMC even in Panchayat elections, forget assembly ones and forget and forget loksabha ones!! Kerala is next in line for such atrocities against Hindus. At least people there are waking up slowly.


    1. Every generation of Hindus loses some part of Bharat. The 40s-50s generation lost (West) Punjab, (East) Bengal, Sindh and some of Gujarat, the next generation lost Kashmir. Now we are losing Assam & Kerala. West Bengal after that. Each time we lose some piece of our sacred land, the crooks tell us there is nothing to worry because Hindus are still a majority in whatever piece is left. In 100 years, we will have nothing left at all.


  2. In between, there have been 40 farmer suicides in just last 10 days in the secular karnataka. not, one channel has even covered that as a news article even. so much for the life of people living there. where is pappu? why cant he go over to karnataka and talk to those farmers?


    1. Welcome to commenting on this blog 🙂
      Dynastycrook media follows one order at a time from 10 Janpath. For a while it was Church attacks. Then, it was farmer suicides. Now, orders are to focus on Vyapam.


    1. So far only Hindu Samhati is raising the case.

      Here they are raising slogans of “Shame on Ghazi’s chamchas in Bengal police” after being arrested and brought to WB police HQ in Kolkata’s Lalbazar (slogans are in Bengali, which is my mother tongue).


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