The rise of “Rehan Gandhi” : time for Amethi to stand up!

To all Mameluks: this is a red alert!

Hoshiyar Khabardar… Ba-adab, Ba-mulaiza hoshiyar!

Jille-ilahi, Jahaanpanah Shehzade Rehan Gandhi tashreef la rahe haaaaaaainnnnn!!!!


2 days back, the Dynasty and all its Mameluks had a moment of supreme pride as young shehzada Rehan Vadra stepped out in public to meet Queen Indira’s praja in Amethi!

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So, does anyone want to make bets on how quickly Rehan “Vadra” will be changed into Rehan “Gandhi” by Dynastycrooks in the media? Let the Dynastycrooks at The Telegraph explain their joy further:

The Doon School student arrived in his mama Rahul Gandhi’s constituency on the evening of July 7 with two friends, stayed the night at the home of a former village head in Kohar and left the next morning. The boys had roti and alu-parwal sabzi (pointed gourd and potato curry) for dinner and paratha with curd for breakfast, followed by mangoes, and slept protected by mosquito nets…. While Congress loyalists were reminded of the visits of Rahul and Priyanka with their father Rajiv Gandhi, Opposition parties felt this was a way to strengthen the family’s connect with the constituency.


Oh…the excitement of Dynastycrooks grovelling before the Shehzada…what did he eat? How did he sleep? Did he have a mosquito net or not? What was his exact breakfast? Was there too much salt in the sabzi? Hope the mangoes were not sour…

For the benefit of “English only” crooks like Mani Shanker Aiyer and the rest of the St. Stephens crowd, The Telegraph makes sure we all know that “alu-parwal sabzi” is “pointed gourd and potato curry”. Hey…that’s hardly enough…did you explain to the Lutyens classes what “roti” and “paratha” are as well? Just in case some NDTV viewers don’t know, “roti” and “paratha” are popular kinds of Indian bread made from dough and baked on a hot pan. Again, you might have seen these foods in the “ethnic food” section at the dinner party thrown by your local BBC correspondent.

Oh wait! There is some controversy apparently over whether Rehan actually ate roti: as per Dainik Bhaskar, we have the following breaking news:



He didn’t eat roti! And to think that The Telegraph was giving us wrong info! Plus, the article in Bhaskar tells us that he not only had paratha and curd for breakfast, but also some matar ki sabzi!

THIS is how the Mameluks create the Gandhi mystique: from his choice of roti or paratha everything is reported in a manner similar to how the tabloid press obsesses over the British royal family. On their part, the Queen put out an official release that told her praja not to get too excited.

Kishori Lal Sharma, an aide of Rehan’s grandmom Sonia Gandhi, told The Telegraph over the phone that “the visit, as far as I know, was part of one of Rehan’s school projects. He was there to complete a study on rural life as a part of the project. It is not political at all. The Opposition is making a mountain out of a molehill”.


Ok ok…so Shehzade Rehan took his friends to see the poverty of Amethi. This reminds me of some biting lines from Modi ji’s speech in Pune in mid 2013: enjoy from 11:50.

Paraphrased here:

In the old days, rajas and maharajas used to have huge palaces. And today their surviving descendants now take their friends once in a while on a joyride to go see these palaces. They proudly show off the great achievements (“parakram”) of their ancestors: look my grandfather’s grandfather was such a powerful maharaja and he built this palace! Congress is following the same tradition. What is the great achievement of the Congress family? Keeping people poor and backward. And that is why their Shehzada goes to homes of the poor, spends a night, calls the media to show them that this is the legacy of my Dynasty…this is what we gave the country…

It’s time for Amethi to stand up. The Dynasty knows that the voter of Amethi is angry with them. They are insulting your intelligence by sending another Shehzada to fool you. They think Amethi is so dumb that they will take a look at a son of the Dynasty and forget all the poverty and misery that the Gandhi family has brought to their town. Stand up Amethi and shake off these maharajas who think they own you.

Finally, I should make clear that I am not attacking Rehan Vadra. He is just a 14 year old boy doing what his parents told him to do. This post is about the Dynastycrooks who are ordered to build the mystique of the Gandhi family’s image by obsessively discussing Rehan’s roti and paratha choices like he is some god. And of course it is about the Dynasty who thought that Amethi is so foolish that they will forget their poverty if the Gandhi family sends their young son to spend a night with them!


4 thoughts on “The rise of “Rehan Gandhi” : time for Amethi to stand up!

  1. Good writeup!

    These Dynastycrooks makes it so obvious their pampering of the dynasty, it makes your job easier to catch these guys in their games.

    BTW whenever i open your website i see all the dynasty faces happy and smiling..bugs me a little any chance of redesigning with grimmer faces…..LOL ..just joking!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. He he 🙂

    Those smiling faces at the top of the webpage are in fact meant to bug the readers and make them angry. After 1000 years of slavery, these false gods are still ruling us supported by a vast network of Dynastycrooks. While we work, they are the kings who just smile and take. Their smiling faces are in fact mocking us. The question is: when will we be able to stop them?


  3. Rehan Vadra to Rehan Gandhi 🙂 That part was too good! I like your writing style and wait for your articles everyday. You are doing a fantastic job.

    Liked by 1 person

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