Dynastycrooks at DNA and high class thief Amartya Sen

Dynastycrooks have always been whining about social media, because SM has created an alternate channel that cannot be regulated by Mameluks under the command of Queen Sonia. Media only wants to GIVE the public pro-dynasty feedback. The only thing the media likes to TAKE from the public is our money through politicians. Now suddenly there is this new thing called social media that is breaking this cycle. The media is now being asked to take feedback from the people instead of just our money. The Dynastycrooks cannot tolerate that.

No wonder there has been endless whining in the media about “abuse on Twitter” and other social media platforms. See Social Media took away the Dynastycrook’s monopoly on the “Right to abuse“. And Dynastycrooks don’t want to share their money or their rights. So when lots of people took to social media to attack high class thief Amartya Sen, Dynastycrooks at DNA came up with the following article called:

Amartya Sen’s social media abuse: How Twitter trolls turned a deaf ear to PM Modi’s advice

( http://www.dnaindia.com/india/comment-amartya-sen-s-social-media-abuse-how-twitter-trolls-turned-a-deaf-ear-to-pm-modi-s-advice-2102891 )

DNA writes: “What followed was the usual rise, rinse, repeat of trollish behaviour that has sadly become the hallmark of social media. ” Then, DNA provided these 3 examples under the heading “Spewing venom” :

This is abuse? Where is the abuse? Or is abuse defined to be anyone speaking up against the Queen and her crooks? Let me give you an example of abuse:

Sorry, that wasn’t an example of abuse. Robber Sardesai didn’t just call him an “asshole”, he also beat up the guy. That was abuse+assault. Hallmark of mainstream media! Now why did I bring up Robber Sardesai? Wait for the best part of the DNA article:

However, Amartya Sen is not alone. The same treatment is almost unfailingly meted out to almost all celebrities. Be it journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai after his Madison Square report or actors like Rishi Kapoor…

WHAAAAATT??? That was Robber Sardesai’s Madison Square REPORT? Going out and abusing Modi supporters and beating them up?

Ha! The Mainstream media has the audacity to talk about Twitter abuse. This is from just a week or so ago:

In a statement here, the Chief Minister’s Office added, “At a few places, accidents were about to occur as Vasundhara Raje’s convoy was on way to airport and the electronic media followed her.” There were jams caused at a couple of places due to the “uncontrolled” driving as some TV channel crews attempted to chase and encircle her car, it added. The TV crews were “driving their vehicles rashly,””


I have written about this event already here. Your media vehicles drove like crazy through the streets of Delhi and even hit a car in the CM’s convoy. After recklessly endangering thousands of people, the Dynastycrook dares talk about “Twitter abuse”!

The Dynastycrook article in DNA continues:

Sadly, very few talked about the core fundamental issues raised by professor Sen. No person is above criticism, neither the PM of the largest democracy nor a Nobel Laureate. But if there was a point by point rebuttal to Sen, that would have been far better. Instead, what followed was slander and name calling. The fundamental issue raised by Amartya Sen is about how the government has failed to truly empower worthy people in hallowed educational institutes.

Oh did you say you want a point by point rebuttal? Do you want someone to give a nicely worded rebuttal to Amartya Sen? What if someone wrote something like this?

Having involved in various academic and administrative proceedings of Nalanda University since August 2007, I believe that the candidates to be selected/appointed to the post of Chancellor and Vice Chancellor should be of extraordinary intellect with academic and management expertise. Both the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor have to personally involve themselves full-time in Bihar, so that a robust and strong international institution is built

Those are the exact words of Hon. Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, ex-President of the Republic. Yes, that’s the man who your Queen replaced with chindi chor Pratibha Patil. These are the words from a letter by Dr. Kalam when high class thief Amartya essentially kicked him out from the post of first visitor at Nalanda University.


When a man no less than Dr. Kalam made this stinging criticism of Amartya Sen, you Dynastycrooks were busy covering up for the Queen. The result: Mannu’s daughter Upinder Singh and her saheli Gopa Sabharwal were smuggled into Nalanda to leech off the public treasury.

Listen up Dynastycrooks and listen good. The days of one sided Dynasty propaganda are over. I understand that each time social media pulls your pants down, you feel like this when you go back to your bosses:

But that’s no excuse. We will criticize you and expose you on social media. It is our right and we will exercise it. You tell lies about us and we will tell the truth about you.


10 thoughts on “Dynastycrooks at DNA and high class thief Amartya Sen

  1. “You tell lies about us and we will tell truth about you”. Could not have imagined any better articulation, in so few words. But these are hard core crooks. More whipping in chorus by readers are required as well. Until we build institutions of truth and counter JNU types in education and cultural fields, NDTV types in media, Congi types in politics, demeaning Waitangi cheap bollywood types in entertainment and truly reflective roll models, heroic platforms like dynasty crooks, media crooks, Bharat Bharti and thousands of similar individual driven efforts are our guiding lights.


    1. This is a standard failure of the right wing across the world. Because the right wing gets no institutional support, they end up believing that they don’t need institutional support. As such the left enjoys unchallenged control of institutions like JNU and establishment media like NDTV.


  2. i have been reading your posts from the very beginning. you are doing a wonderful job in exposing these frauds who have destroyed india. you alongwith mediacrooks are writing what my feelings are.


  3. Good post!,…as always.

    “You tell lies about us and we will tell the truth about you.” Nice ending which sums up what you have been doing to these media crooks.

    keep it up!


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