Dynastycrook Seemi Pasha and 3000 Sikhs

So yesterday on Twitter, my attention was drawn to this old tweet

The Mameluk who wrote this tweet is a Dynastycrook by the name of Seemi Pasha, now an Associate Editor and Anchor at India Today!

This is how the leftist poison works.  A dynastycrook is posted at every single level of government and media to make sure the patronage system stays in place. If a top Dynastycrook like Tejpal gets exposed, he/she can be easily replaced by the thousands of smaller dynastycrooks below.

First of all, Queen Indira didn’t die because Sikhs were massacred, but Sikhs were massacred because Queen Indira died. Anyone would know that, except the Associate Editor of India Today. But for a true Dynastycrook, the Queen’s blood is the most important thing in the whole universe. Otherwise she wouldnt have a job cleaning up Rahul baba’s vomit at India Today.

Could I similarly talk about the blood of 58 Hindus that was spilled in Godhra before the Gujarat riots began? Incidentally, ~250 Hindus were also massacred by peacefuls during the riots, something the media won’t ever tell you. Sorry… you can’t compare the death of some common Hindu, even 58 of them to the Queen. Forget the Queen… when 58 Hindus were massacred in Godhra we were told that they deserved it because they had not paid some tea seller at Godhra station.

The price of 58 Hindu lives?  Rs 2!

Now reading the sequence of tweets above, you could actually give some credit to Dynastycrook Pallavi Ghosh for even mentioning 1984 riots. But this is misleading. Sadly a lot of BJP supporters also fall into the trap of discussing 1984 vs 2002. Far from bringing the Congress into the dock by raising 1984 in response to 2002, Dynastycrooks actually use 1984 to excuse the Congress for the numerous other riots that have happened under Dynasty rule. Here are just a few I could find, there are probably more riots under Congress rule than stars in the sky:

1947 Bengal….5,000 to 10,000 dead …CONGRESS RULE.

1967 Ranchi….200 DEAD……….CONGRESS RULE.

1969 Ahmedabad…512 DEAD……..CONGRESS RULE.

1970 Bhiwandi….80 DEAD………….CONGRESS RULE.

1980 Moradabad…2,000 DEAD…CONGRESS RULE.

1983 Nellie Assam…..5,000 DEAD…CONGRESS RULE.

1985 Gujarat…..300 DEAD..CONGRESS RULE

1986 Ahmedabad……59 DEAD…..CONGRESS RULE

1987 Meerut….81 DEAD…CONGRESS RULE

1989 Bhagalpur……1,070 DEAD……CONGRESS RULE

1990 Hyderabad……300  DEAD….CONGRESS RULE

1992 Mumbai….900 TO 2000 DEAD….CONGRESS RULE

1992 Aligarh….176 DEAD…..CONGRESS RULE

Talking about 1984 in isolation actually saves the Congress from being blamed for the rivers of blood that had to flow to keep the Dynasty in power. And why just stop at those killed in riots? Who was hiding weapons for Dawood Ibrahim and Abu Salem before the Mumbai terror attack: the son of 5 term Congress MP Sunil Dutt! This accomplice of Dawood Ibrahim was recently seen in a movie with Aamir Khan explaining to us why pouring milk on a Shivlinga is a horrible thing to do… what to say…


8 thoughts on “Dynastycrook Seemi Pasha and 3000 Sikhs

  1. There was another claim made by some press folks: Congress has absolved itself of 1984 because they appointed a Sikh as PM in 2004!!, but NM has never done anything about 2002. Not that it’s likely to happen, or the situations are the same, but by their own logic, NM should appoint a Muslim person to a dummy post in 2022 and he should be fine 🙂 🙂 .


  2. Welcome to this blog. Dynastycrooks have successfully whitewashed all Congress crimes. Except 1984 which somehow managed to stay in public memory. Dynastycrooks still trying….


      1. By the way, take a look at the link below.


        I think it has been a blip in the news and all political parties other than BJP are keeping their mouths shut.

        Crores of property destroyed, police attacked, police women molested, etc – just on the suspicion that one member of their religion was tortured and killed by the police. Imagine the outrage if the religion was different.

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      2. Yes, I saw some of the info about Ambur riots on Twitter. But the news has been completely blanked out of English (or Hindi) media. It seems that this has only been discussed in Tamil (and some Telugu) media. Unfortunately, I cannot read Tamil, which is why I couldn’t do a post on it.


  3. A suggestion –

    You should give your critique on first post articles and mention the author and the article. That is the latest hangout of crooks

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