Dynastycrooks crap in their pants as soon as Queen Sonia’s name comes up

I am starting this post with a prediction. In Feb 2020, Delhi will  vote 70-0 for a new anti-corruption crusader Chief Minister “to clean up the system”.

His name: Lalit Modi

I challenge you Dilli, prove me wrong 🙂 See, he’s even making all the familiar, right noises:

Now all that is needed is a promise of free water, electricity and Wifi and Lalit Modi has a golden opportunity to become the favorite candidate of “intellectuals”.

Ok, so Lalit Modi posted these tweets with the name of “She who must be obeyed”

Ouch! Dynastycrook emergency! The name of the greedy Queen, 60 million dollars….you would think this would be the biggest headline in a country where a stone thrown at a church is Breaking News. Instead, here is the front page from the Times of India:


And here is the “wives and girlfriends’ channel“:


The mafia like grip of the Dynasty over its Mameluks is on display again. Hey Queen Sonia landed yesterday with Shehzada and Shehzadi from an unknown foreign destination. Does anyone in the media have the balls to chase her car the way Vasundhara Raje was chased? The moment the Queen’s name came up, every Dynastycrook pissed so much in his pants that Ajit Pawar could have filled up all the dams in Maharashtra.

As he often does these days, the best tweet on the subject came from Giriraj Singh:

Honestly, we are lucky that we did not get another round of “unhappy” stories like

Sonia unhappy with sister for demanding $60 million

OR even better

Sonia unhappy with sister for demanding JUST $60 million

OR best of all

Sonia unhappy with Rahul, sent Varun to make the deal

Oh and would a single Mameluk in the media dare to tell you what happened today in court on the National Herald scam? Here is a report from the Pioneer’s J Gopalakrishnan

Or will a Dynastycrook even dare to open his mouth about the fact that the scam was being heard in court today?

At the end of it all, came the familiar tareekh pe tareekh

This was the best reaction I could find

6 thoughts on “Dynastycrooks crap in their pants as soon as Queen Sonia’s name comes up

  1. The kind of vice like grip these libtards, madam and the NGOs are having on our country is both interesting as well as alarming. How did this country fall into this trap? Is there no way out? Day by Day, One part of my brain has started thinking that Namo is incapable of handling this mess and hence he is sulking whereas my other pat of the brain is trying to console by thinking that Namo is actually doing something in the background and would come out the winner for the sake of this country. Hope my second part of the brain is the right one.

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    1. To finish the dynasty rule, all we need is to keep Congress out of power in the center for 10 years. In any large state, whenever Congress goes out of power for 10 years, it’s patronage network of Dynastycrooks collapses and it never comes back. The same will be true at the Center. If Congress loses 2019, it will never come back.


  2. They have honed the skill to subdue Hindus for about 1060 years. The last 60 years were worst than previous 1000 years. 1947 was a first slim chance, Hindus would have grasped the critical danger of ignoring greater threat than 1000 years of history where enemy will work from inside in the garb of independence ruled by sold zombies. Even Patel and Netaji would not consolidate Hindus at the right time. Now albatross around the neck of Hindus is JNUs, culturally brainwashing demeaning Bollywood, fifth colomuists mediacrooks, political and journo combo of dynastycrooks, desert deploys on the border and ancient direct enemies beyond the
    borders. Consolidations and building of institutions of all sorts is the only answer.


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