Dynastycrooks, the war on women and the hypocrisy of Indian feminists

So when Smriti Irani discovered a camera in the trial room of a shop in Goa, the venerable Dynastycrooks at Outlook had this to say:

How an actress who has faced the biggest of television cameras of all sizes and shapes could get so rattled by a pinhole CCTV eye, we will never know.


The idea that women who have been in show business” are “loose” and “available” and have no right to speak out against voyeurism is one of the most patriarchal things you can say. If a woman is seen as “loose”, which could mean anything from having pre-marital sex to revealing clothes, then she has no right to complain about crimes of a sexual nature! This shamefully male chauvinist belief is proudly embraced by all Dynastycrooks whenever the woman in question is a BJP member. Dynastycrooks at Outlook are hardly the first to get away with such a crass remark:

So Sanjay Nirupam, a Mameluk of Queen Sonia from the gutters of 10 Janpath says to Smriti Irani:

Kal tak to TV par thumke laga rahi thi aap …

Again the insinuation that a woman in show business is “dishonorable”. Again, not the slightest outrage from our so called feminists. The lesser said the better about our feminists anyway. Here is an incident from Jharkhand in April 2014 where a Muslim woman was gangraped by 12 men for being a BJP worker.


She was not just a woman, but a Muslim too! That’s the Dynastycrook votebank. How will this incident fit into the Dynastycrook narrative that the BJP is a backward patriarchal organization? This incident must be suppressed. Better forget about her rape as soon as possible and make sure no one hears about it. In the same month of April, 2014 Dynastycrooks were worried about a much bigger crime against women: Why did Narendra Modi walk out of his child marriage? The marriage had been fixed by elders in his biradari, shouldn’t he have accepted his fate and spent the rest of his life feeding and clothing Jasodaben while she cooked and cleaned and kept his house in order? How dare Modi leave home quietly and leave Jasodaben to honestly and honorably live her life without a man to back her up? Thus spoke the Dynastycrook khap panchayat of Indian feminism.

And when the Nirbhaya gangrape happened and all of Delhi was on the streets protesting, Dynastycrook Burqa Dutt had this to say:


Yes, those protesting against the Dynasty’s government in Delhi and at the Center were just “drunken lumpens”. But when it came to people of the peaceful religion protesting in Tahrir square, the same Dynastycrook had this to say:


Yes, why worry about the crazy Muslim brotherhood which was sponsoring the Tahrir square protest? What could a bunch of fundamentalist Muslims possibly do wrong? Well here is what those “protestors” did to CBS reporter Lara Logan:


Before I even know what’s happening, I feel hands grabbing my breasts, grabbing my crotch, grabbing me from behind,” she said. “It’s not just one person … it’s one person and another person and another person. I didn’t even know that they were beating me with flagpoles and sticks and things because I couldn’t even feel that … the sexual assault was all I could feel — was their hands raping me over and over and over again. It’s about staying alive now. I have to just surrender to the sexual assault. What more can they do now?

But of course as Dynastycrook Burqa Dutt would say, this was secular rape.

Of late, when Somnath Bharti’s wife came forward with allegations of wife beating, Dynastycrooks immediately jumped to the rescue.

Nice! Keep it classy Shekhar Coupta (again, pronouced with a silent “p”)

The latest case being buried is that of a young woman who was raped by a senior Greenpeace exec


To their credit, Greenpeace said “sorry”. Wow…you are “sorry”. Greenpeace said sorry for gambling away $5 million of its donors money on the forex market


Nice “non-profit” you guys have at Greenpeace! Greenpeace apologized for a “typo” of Rs 6.6 crore in their tax return


And of course Greenpeace said sorry when they vandalized the World Heritage site of the Nazca lines in Peru:


What kind of savage would vandalize the Nazca lines? But don’t you worry Greenpeace, its all liberal rape, liberal vandalism and liberal theft. Use the Kejriwal doctrine and just say “sorry”. And the Dynastycrooks will protect you. Look the Shehzada has personally come to greet you:


So don’t worry about liberal and secular rape. As Uttar Pradesh’s minister Totaram Yadav pointed out, rapes happen with mutual consent anyway:


2 thoughts on “Dynastycrooks, the war on women and the hypocrisy of Indian feminists

  1. Good post, heights of hypocrisy of Burqa Dutt & Shekhar Coupta.

    Nazca lines vandalizers to be jailed for six years as per law!!
    they should not get away with “sorry”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As per Dynastycrooks at Firstpost, if we punish these criminals at Greenpeace, the govt is “morally on a sticky wicket”. Probably the funding of Dynastycrooks will get stuck!


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