Data further vindicates what I said about “mass leaders”

Few days back, I had written here about how India’s “mass leaders”, much celebrated by Dynastycrook media are nothing but petty pygmies. I gave examples how “mass leaders” like Lalu, Mulayam, Nitish, Mamata etc are all unable to spread outside just 1 state each. Since Bihar elections are fast approaching, I focused on Lalu Yadav and showed how his party has stayed a poor No. 3 in Bihar for a whole decade now.

Election                             1st Rank                   2nd Rank               3rd Rank

2005 Assembly Poll             JDU                          BJP                         RJD

2009 Lok Sabha                  JDU                          BJP                          RJD

2010 Assembly                   JDU                           BJP                          RJD

2014 Lok Sabha                  BJP                           LJP                          RJD

I made my observation on the basis of seat numbers. Today I came across a brilliant article on IndiaSpend that looks more deeply into the data on vote shares in Bihar:

The article is called “The 5% poison pill for Lalu” and explains why Lalu had to drink “poison” to somehow try and stop the BJP. The author does an excellent analysis of vote shares and finds that since 2004, here are the vote shares of BJP vs all others RJD+JDU+Cong (based on seats contested)

Election                              BJP                      RJD+JDU+Cong             Gap

2004 Lok Sabha                36.4 %                     62.69 %                        26%

2005 Assembly (Feb)        24.47%                    46.46%                         22%

2005 Assembly (Oct)         35.75%                    53.25%                        18%

2009 Lok Sabha                 36%                         54%                             18%

2010 Assembly                  39.4%                       50%                             12%

2014 Lok Sabha                 39.7%                       45%                              5%

This data, spaced out over a period of 11 years, tells the story of Indian politics: BJP continuously rising and the pseudo-secular parties shrinking. The gap has reduced from a giant 26% down to 5%! As I pointed out in my article, the only question for Lalu Yadav is: will you lose now or will you lose later?

In a previous post, I had shown with electoral results from Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh how the secular parties are getting squeezed out. This new data helps make my point even better. The conclusion is exactly the same: The BJP is out-competing every other party in India.

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2 thoughts on “Data further vindicates what I said about “mass leaders”

  1. Good analysis!!, what else can one expect ,this guy lalu looted the state,with heights of nepotism during his tenure as chief minister of bihar.


    1. Now look at the issue which Lalu is raising in Bihar… I am beginning to pity him:


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