Red Corner notice for Dynastycrooks

Ba ha ha ha …the top trend in India today is #TraitorTimesNow

When you don’t understand your audience, you fail. And that’s exactly what’s happening to Arnab Goswami

Yes, recently, Times Now after ruling the English language airwaves for a long long time, finally got a kick in the pants from India Today.

Let us examine what built up Arnab Goswami. The “revenue model” of most media channels in India is direct handouts from the Dynasty. But Arnab ran his channel on sensationalism rather than handouts. As a result, TimesNow became the first channel in a decade that dared to say something against the endless corruption of the Congress. And right wingers started flocking to his channel in droves, Arnab became a national phenomenon. As for social media, the hashtag created by the Newshour would be the top national trend on Twitter every single night…every single night!

Even though TimesNow played by the usual rules of the Dynastycrook code of conduct and maintained the usual reverence for Queen Sonia, the right wing took what it could get: the idea that somebody, anybody in the media would dare to criticize anything about the Congress was and is still almost unique. To Dynastycrooks in the media used to being pampered by the Dynasty on public funded lavish trips abroad, Modi’s decision to kick out mediawallahs from his foreign trips felt like a punishment. To right wingers in the media used to seeing BJP blamed even for bad monsoons, Arnab’s decision to occasionally criticize Congress felt like “neutrality”.

And then this happened:


While General V K Singh was out there in Yemen rescuing hundreds of Indians, Times Now ended up calling it a #VKDisaster. The operation in Yemen was so successful it became the talk of the whole world and even the United States approached India for help.

But in his mad rush to sensationalize, Arnab ended up calling it a #VKDisaster. What followed next was #TimesNowDisaster and I am not referring just to the hashtag that trended for days after that. Since that day not a single hashtag created by the Newshour has trended on top of Twitter. You did this to yourself Arnab, you didn’t understand that your typical viewer was someone who was fed up of Dynastycrook media channels. TimesNow decided to become the typical Dynastycrook channel, but if I want to see a Dynastycrook I can see it anywhere: ABP News, Aaj Tak, IndiaToday …why would I watch Times Now? And that’s why Arnab has received a kick in the pants from India Today.  The nation no longer wants to hear Arnab barking.

Between Jan 2008 and Jan 2009, the price of NDTV shares fell from Rs 500 to Rs 75 per share, but the channel always found investors at the right time. Like the dynasty, NDTV never goes bankrupt. Timesnow will never get as good at being a Dynastycrook as NDTV. Arnab has fallen between two stools!

Desperate TimesNow is now pummelling Sushma Swaraj to stay afloat. The other channels were unhappy:

but the Dynastycrooks have been so starved of corruption stories ever since Modi came into office that they had to get a piece of the feeding frenzy. Dynastycrooks at Firstpost were extremely clear what had to be done:

UPA’s mega scams have reduced the idea of corruption to swindling money and BJP was happy to use it as a cover for its impropriety. Corruption is not just about money and defies simple definition.

Yes, the legal definition of corruption must now expanded to somehow declare Sushma Swaraj corrupt. Dynastycrook G Pramod Kumar who wrote this had written just one day ago about how the definition of corruption should actually be contracted to give clean chit to NGOs who don’t file their taxes (I’ve written about this Dynastycrook here):

“Legally, the government may be right because these NGOs have reportedly violated government rules they were required to play by, but morally it’s on a sticky wicket”

By the way, there are two lessons for the Modi government in this whole episode. First, don’t even dare to stray 0.001% from the straight path; imagine what the Dynastycrooks in the media would have done if you had done a real scam. Secondly, the Dynasty has not ruled 5 decades by playing “kachchi goliyan“. The Dynasty has laid its eggs inside every institution in the country. You think there are no dynastycrooks inside the BJP? Some of these eggs are beginning to hatch. Find out these snakes and kick them out before it’s too late.

I am issuing today a “Red corner notice” for Times Now and Arnab Goswami. Anyone on social media should be on the lookout for bullshit spouted by Times Now and report and expose their nonsense.

7 thoughts on “Red Corner notice for Dynastycrooks

  1. Take Out all the details of arnab and all the wrongdoings of TOI and expose ..Leak it to all the news channels and see how they protect to each other … ar=lla re pressititutes

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  2. Very well written article. I have been reading your blog for past 15 days. No wonder you have got more than 3000 hits. Its because you are writing truth. Keep it up and keep writing. You are doing a great work by exposing the media.

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  3. This is fantastic observation and key to understand. Unlike anywhere else why we have no traction despite our people are dying working hard:
    “Between Jan 2008 and Jan 2009, the price of NDTV shares fell from Rs 500 to Rs 75 per share, but the channel always found investors at the right time. Like the dynasty, NDTV never goes bankrupt..,”
    Despite a small portion of population has really turned Macaulay in about 200 yrs of direct foreign rule & 1060 years of slavery, the real reason for us not getting traction for good deeds done by valiant warriors during this period and particularly in last 60 years is as mentioned in above quote. So somehow, against their own interest in India
    business and logical considerations are sabotaged in promoting otherwise bankrupt presstitutes (NDTV &1000 others), prosinstitues(JNU & 1000), prosfilmtutes (Bhats, Khans &1000), prospolitutes(Cong, SP, BSP, RJD, JDU &1000). These are able to violate any and all natural laws pervertly and it takes about 1000 years to figure it out. Chaiwallah has articulated this exposing the secret and proving we don’t play kacchi gollian, either in serving our country. And yes, moles in BJP if there are must be found.

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  4. You analyzed it right! It’s a lesson to Times now. Others want to take that space, refer tweets of barkha, Kanwal and others in last few days.

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