Dynastycrook Nidhi Abdullah jumps in to protect the Queen

The reason Dynastycrooks are called Dynastycrooks is because they protect the Queen and her spawn. Has anyone ever seen Queen Sonia mobbed by a bunch of reporters or getting a mike thrust into her face? No, because the Mameluks piss in their pants when they hear the Queen’s name taken. Here is what happened when Dr. Subramanian Swamy spoke out against the Queen and her spawn in the National Herald scam. Robber Sardesai jumped in ferociously to defend the Queen.


In recent days, Dynastycrooks are having some trouble defending AAP’s (now ex-)Law Minister and his fake degree. With BOTH his undergraduate and law degrees being declared fake in sworn affidavits by two different universities, the man Jitendra Tomar appears to be so obviously guilty that Dynastycrooks know that they have lost the perception battle. Sample this rant by Dynastycrook Ajaz Ashraf against the Modi government for arresting Tomar.


You will barely find a word in the article about Tomar, the man Dynastycrook Ajaz Ashraf is trying to save: nothing but a general outpouring of anger and jealousy towards the Modi government.

One of the favorite tools of Dynastycrooks in this Tomar expose has been to drag in Smriti Irani, yet again affirming that Smriti’s aggressive push into Amethi has caused panic among the Dynastycrooks. Tomar is not being arrested for a fake affidavit before the Election Commission; he is being arrested for the serious offense of forging a bachelors and a law degree and then making money with them for years by cheating clients into thinking he is a real lawyer. But of course, the media will run with Smriti Irani’s case because it causes annoyance to the Modi government.

Now, Sambit Patra is usually a terrible spokesperson for the BJP. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. And so, when constantly badgered by Dynastycrooks over Smriti Irani on Nidhi Abdullah’s show “Left, right and Center” on NDTV, Sambit finally decided to cite the case of Queen Sonia herself (watch from 20:00)


The moment (20:30) Sambit Patra said : “Let me give you the case of Sonia Gandhi”, Nidhi Abdullah shrieked : “NOOOOO, Let’s talk about Smriti Irani”. Watch her horrified face as this she-Mameluk recoils in horror that someone had mentioned the evil Queen.

Unperturbed, Sambit continues: “Let me talk about the case of Sonia Gandhi”. Nidhi Abdullah’s voice goes into an even higher pitch as she screams again, “No, no, no, let’s talk about Smriti Irani…”. Yes, how will the Queen react if she finds out that the issue of her degree even came up on a show by Nidhi Abdullah? Will the Amir of Kashmir be able to protect his begum from the wrath of the Supreme Sultana or will he be dethroned as a punishment? You can feel these things going through Nidhi Abdullah’s mind.

Nidhi Abdullah: No, no no, let me… lets talk about Smriti Irani first, we’ll talk about Smriti Irani first.

Sambit: I’m coming to Smriti Irani deriving from Sonia ji’s affidavit…

Nidhi Abdullah: Smriti Irani had a discrepancy there….

Sambit: Allow me to talk about Sonia Gandhi pleaaaaseee….

Nidhi Abdullah: No, no, you can, let’s talk about your minister first, no?

Sambit: Ya, you will see…

In Indian media, even to start making a comment on Queen Sonia, you have to deal with one of her Mameluks who interrupts 4 times. In the religion of peace, you have to say “Peace be upon him” each time you take the name of ….  Queen Sonia enjoys the same status among the Dynastycrooks. The horror of Mameluk Nidhi Abdullah is understandable!

And that’s what makes Nidhi Abdullah the Dynastycrook of the day. Congratulations, Nidhi! You don’t have to do yoga. Go start your day with a Sonia namaskar…

10 thoughts on “Dynastycrook Nidhi Abdullah jumps in to protect the Queen

  1. Thanks a lot man for your offer of help and encouragement. I will indeed to try to see if I can set up disqus. But most of all I need help publicizing my blog so that I can expose more Dynastycrooks.

    As for donations, I am really just one guy who is pissed off at the Dynasty. I don’t really want money 🙂 I’m not rich, but it’s not about money at least for now 🙂

    But yes, I’m not a tech guy and so if I need some help setting up Disqus for my blog, I’m definitely gonna ask you for help with the tech.


  2. What at least we readers can do after awakening and bringing truly representative governance after a thousand years and last 60 years of most horrific treachery, the new valiant warriors like chaiwallah, rabinar and such others should be main pillars of our democracy and mediacrooks should be thrown into history of bell.


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