Mission 56 and the spectacular cowardice of Dynastycrooks

This September, Bihar will witness a spectacle where a mega alliance of RJD, JDU, Cong, NCP & CPI/CPIM will take on the BJP. In other words, 5 of India’s most well known leaders : Queen Sonia, Lalu Yadav, Nitish Kumar, Sharad Pawar and Sitaram Yechury will mount a joint offensive on Narendra Modi.

You would think the Dynasty and its Mameluks would feel safe with numbers like these. Wrong!


Dynastycrooks at the Times of India have decided that even with such a heavy alliance, one must create a more cowardly definition of victory to be sure they can declare victory for the sickular front.  Dynastycrooks have declared that the Bihar elections will count as a sickular victory if the BJP wins anything less than 188 seats in the 243 member Bihar Assembly.

In other words, as long as Queen Sonia, Lalu, Nitish, Sharad Pawar and Sitaram Yechury achieve Mission 56 in the Bihar Assembly, the Dynasty will declare victory. Why stop at 56, Dynastycrooks? Set the bar lower; better set it at 0. Then, even Pappu has a chance.


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