Dynastycrook Sagarika Ghose and the monsoon

Dynastycrook Sagarika Ghose might as well be part of the dynasty herself. Like Rahul himself, Sagarika is also a “Shehzadi”, the daughter of Bhaskar Ghose, the Dynasty stooge who used to run Doordarshan back in the day when India was one of the Soviet Republics. Like Rahul himself, Sagarika is dumb as a rock. And like Priyanka, Sagarika is married to Rajdeep, the Robber Vadra of Indian media.

Ever since Modi swept to power in May 2014 laying waste to the Lutyens plots, life has not been kind to Sagarika. Both she and her husband were summarily dismissed from CNN-IBN. After a while, Robber Sardesai found himself a job at TV18, but no longer had the power to hire his partner in crime. And without some nepotism, who would hire Sagarika? So it has been that unemployed Sagarika spends her days on Twitter, trying to play victim with faceless trolls, no doubt cursing the one man who brought all these misfortunes upon her.

It is no secret that Lutyens Delhi has been praying fervently for Modi to fail. So when the Met Department announced that India could be looking at a second straight drought year, Sagarika saw a glimmer of hope and promptly posted this:


They are blaming Modi for droughts now! I have already written here about how Dynastycrooks at Firstpost have tried to subtly blame Modi for the heat wave. The Dynastycrook at Firstpost who did this was too ashamed to put his name to such bullshit and preferred to stay anonymous. But Sagarika, with no job and no prospects and no other possible outlet for her bullshit, had no such compulsions. So she dumps it all in one go… Modi is to blame for weak monsoons!

The law of averages probably means that with 2014 & 2015 being drought years, Modi is going to get good monsoons in the last 3 years of his term: exactly what he needs to get re-elected. What Saggy aunty doesn’t realize is that the real drought forecast is for her professional and personal life. Achche Din!


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